Presentazione e richiesta di aiuto

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Presentazione e richiesta di aiuto

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Perse's entire world - is table tennis

The designer has built a $150 million company everything from.

Walking right into James Perse's sun-filled Marina Del Rey, Calif., headquarters is similar to entering a imperial hotel. Across in the reception counter, where guests are greeted with a peach-rosemary-iced tea and guacamole-topped-tortilla chips, stays a table. Arches and exposed beams soar over a aisle which divides work spaces hidden behind , walls that are perfectly manicured that are reduced. The minimum furniture outlines that the passageway, drawing the eye toward a glass wall of perse.

"Believe it or not, the ping-pong dining table is our bestselling part of furniture; it is sold millions of bucks. It is one of these gotta-have-it items," explained Perse, 42, who is dressed in white T-shirt, navy drawstring trousers, white canvas shoes and a ping pong table mercy.

It is what you would expect from a man who mastered the pricey T-shirt and today dominates over a casual luxury empire with annual earnings of $150 million and 60 shops in the U.S., U.K., Japan and Canada.

"People would always say,'You ought to perform a cashmere bikini or something' But that is not me. I did a table along with a bicycle . That is my equivalent of a fashion item"

He knows a thing or two about profiting from the impulse purchase; at $24,500 a soda (the ping-pong/pool table hybrid prices $29,000), his"style thing" nets a fantastic deal greater than the usual bikini or a"It" Bag.

Perse, who began the company with a $10,000 loan 17 decades back and functions as chief executive officer, stated,"There is a plan to all, from every one of our shops to our office area. I am a control freak. But trust me, you can't ever finish everything"

There are things he would love to perform like creating a presence online. "We have never done any advertising or marketing. However, with everything it is time for people to have a voice. We just got on Instagram," he explained with a laugh.

Perse reported that, up to now, what he is most proud of is taking the company out of a 70 percent wholesale/30 percent retail into the opposite, noting,"It is hard to maintain two companies. I have spent the past five years attempting to change the equilibrium to retail, where we could control our destiny" He said the business will maintain present wholesale accounts as well as increase them in Europe, but"as retail becomes even larger, those proportions will shrink."


Growth in the following two months contains also a theory that brings together house and clothing, in addition to a Madison Avenue store along with places in New York on Church and Bleecker Streets. Abroad, he is starting on Dover Street in London (he is also scouting a flagship place there), at Saint-Tropez and Mexico. Down the line, he want to open shops in the Middle East, Korea, Hong Kong and Paris.

Experiences would be the only means. "I believe what lit the fire under everybody's tush is e-commerce. It is an amazing method of reaching. For this reason, you have to provide them a reason not to only buy online"

Possessing shops has permitted their merchandise offering to be evolved by Perse. "I started off using T-shirts, however you can not say we're a T-shirt business . That which we have assembled with retail is a very diversified company free of concentration in one group," he explained.

In his shops, he has introduced cashmere sweaters, bed and bath lines, along with an outerwear tag named Yosemite, that has become a business comprising men's coats, exercise swimwear, shorts and rash guards. Himself is an avid hockey player, street runner and mountain biker that sometimes surf facing his Malibu home however his men's wear includes suits suitable for work or dressier events.

The next drama of perse? Accessories. "We have dabbled, but have not even scraped the face of what we might do," he stated, noting that after this season may see a rollout of men's and women's bags and shoes, jewellery and small leather products, all completed in house. There'll also be limited-edition one-offs which"will help keep people guessing."

1 thing is if he sell his or her company. Click here to visit our facebook

"I have been approached a lot of moment, but I am so good occupied I could not even consider selling the company," he explained. "I've a whole lot more to execute, therefore it isn't something on my own radar"

In terms of his contest, Perse explained,"I do not think much about competition, so that I think Apple are a fantastic objective. How I view it, it is the world's best loved brand and that is what I am attempting to construct."

Perse jobs sales growing to $350 million in the next five decades and added,"I believe what will make us a $1 billion new is currently constructing our accessories. That may literally drive our company through the roof" Apparel includes 85% of the company, together with furniture and home furnishings making the remainder up.


Talking of roofs, Perse tips in his project a notion Mexico, Cabo San Lucas. He has been discussing it and he unveil strategies in roughly six months. "It is my entire dream," he explained. "It moves beyond anything anybody's seen out of me, in relation to just how much I can push the expertise of design and fresh ideas of how to achieve my client."

Perse and an world holds his arms out and embrace facing him. "I finally have what that I need in here. We have created our planet, and now it is only how much fun could you have with it"

James' World

Perse resides a life together with his wife and two sons at Malibu when he is not in work. Some of his favorite items, here:


"Being a father is my key priority priority. As much as these men suck the life from you since they are so insanely lively, there is nothing like it"


"To mepersonally, Luis Barragen is your end-all, end-all. I am obsessed with the way elements can be place by him and specify the distance. However, you can not take it. It is about the concepts that get you moving."

Night out, need information about Best Ping Pong Paddles In The World And How To Choose Them

"We are moviegoers. Cinepolis at Westlake is excellent - you will find complete loungers, you sit with your feet up, plus they attract the food to you."

Holiday destination

"For me personally, it is all Mexico. Paris is loved by my spouse. So it is an incredible contrast."

Doughnut store

"Bob's Doughnuts from the farmer's market. However, since we are living in Malibu, we simply go to the supermarket and receive Entenmann's classic chocolate doughnuts."




"Malibu Farm on the pier is actually excellent. But the options are restricted."
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Re: Presentazione e richiesta di aiuto

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Ciao Daniele e benvenuto,
il tuo problema è di facile soluzione, opera in questo modo:
Dopo aver cliccato sullo strumento testo, con il cursore disegna sul foglio di lavoro l'ingombro che dovrà occupare il testo cliccando dove dovrà cominciare il testo, mantenendo cliccato trascinare fino a formare un quadrato e/o rettangolo che conterrà lo scritto.
Poi, comincia a scrivere e vedrai il testo fluire in questa struttura secondo le tue scelte.

Buon lavoro...